Project to do list

Project to do list:

Of course commissions and stuff always go straight to the top of the list. But I figured if I made my project lists public I would end up more driven to sew and maybe people will be more enthusiastic...

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Pinwheel Quilt

The first quilt I ever made, its pretty much the only thing that I worked on all last winter break and for the first week of school. It ended up being a huge project, I had to barrow a friend's sewing machine, since mine could not handle basting. Its about 32 inches (79 cm) wide, by 70 inches (177 cm) long, so its about twin size.
Made with various printed fabric with owls, flowers, and assorted charm packs, batting, and fleece for the backing.

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Price varies but I try to keep my commissions consistent with my online shop.
For smaller things it will be around 15$-20$

For medium size about 20$-30$

For large size plushies it will be about 40$-50$

It truly depends on how large and how complex it is, but just talk to me, I will give you an estimate and when I am done with it I will let you know the final price (my estimates are always really ruff and could be more or less then the final price)

Usually 10$-20$ depending on complexity and time it took me.

Remember a commission is an agreement to BUY what I made for you!
I WILL MAKE ANY CHARACTER. As long as you're willing to buy it.